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Quick and easy

Having your products and services online is essential to push sales. Especially at this time. Our e-commerce packages help you make that happen. We get you selling online quickly, without fuss, without hassle. You can choose an add-on or stand-alone site.

Increased sales mean big smiles all around

We make it possible for you to sell more online, streamlining your business, by reaching new markets. All of this was achieved with a localised international website. Our e-commerce packages have a proven track record of increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving profitability.

Target your market

Our localisation feature is really useful, and highly effective, for selling in a specific area and dealing with multiple tax rates, shipping and payment methods, currencies, and languages. Your target market won’t know what’s hit them!

Managing customers

Customer management is really smooth. Customers can browse products and order easily, and you can store their information in the database, so they can log in anytime to shop and order more. They can also set five billing addresses, and if they want notifications and newsletters, they can easily manage the subscriptions. There are also plenty of useful customer retention tools, for simple communication with your customers.

Promoting special offers is a breeze

Fully support discounts, sales, and promotions, and easily set product sale reductions and prices. You can also send coupons to your customers, using the handy built-in email system.

Growing your business

As you grow you can add unlimited categories and products, move or copy any product to another category anytime, and add both digital and physical merchandise. You’re also able to set unlimited attributes to the products. It’s really flexible.

Easy administration

The admin tool is smooth and easy to use, with password-protected login and registration panels. The admin panel lets you manage your online store simply and effectively, including customer details, image sizes, product creation, and everything else you need.

What next?

Our Bristol-based eCommerce web team is composed of designers, developers, and marketers, with over 20 years of experience in designing and building successful eCommerce websites.

Whether you just need a Shopping Cart add-on or a full-blown eCommerce website designed, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’d like a free no-obligation quotation we’ll need a few details. Let’s make a start.

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