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Matthew Noble Decor

Matthew Noble

Who they are
Matthew Noble Decor was established in 2000. Since then Matthew has been providing a professional, considerate and high-quality decorating service in Bristol and the surrounding areas. He wanted a website to showcase his work to potential clients.

What we did
As the website would revolve around images it was essential that we had an easy to access online content management tool with which Matthew could manage the content of his site. On top of this, we designed and built a multi-section home page and gallery pages in which he could display his previous projects.

The result
“I needed to update the website for my decorating business and so the overall layout and functionality of it was very important. Andrew very patiently and efficiently designed a beautifully simple and user-friendly website, that I regularly receive compliments on from new clients.”

Matthew Noble – Matthew Noble Decor

Contact us

0117 927 3300
info @ atdesignuk.com


Ashton Hill Farm
Weston Road
Bristol BS8 3US