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UK Remediation Limited

Web Design Bristol For UK Remedition Limited

Who they are
They are a group of contaminated land and waste specialists with a wide range of experience in brownfield development. They have built a reputation for providing highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sound contaminated land remediation services.

What we did
We were challenged to design and build a new multi-page website. We began by creating a style guide for colour palette and typography. We were not restricted to using the specific colours and styles of the brand.

We went on to create a series of wireframes for the individual page layouts. Using those elements as a guide we started to build the website. Upon completion of the web pages, we then integrated a content management system with an online administration panel allowing the administrator to create and update content in the form of images, text and files.

The result
“We needed a new website to support our company growth and expertise. Andrew designed a great new layout and very user-friendly website which resulted in increased website traffic and customer base.”

Michala Slavikova – UK Remediation Limited

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